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Clinical Trial Experimental Failure Getty Novavax: RSV F Vaccine The most severe clinical-stage meltdown of 2016 occurred in a field slightly less treacherous than oncology: infectious-disease vaccination. Enthusiastic investors drove Novavax’s market capitalization up around $2.25 billion in anticipation of results from an 11,856-patient phase 3 trial with its RSV F vaccine that were a huge disappointment. The market was fizzing ahead of the phase 3 readout, because phase 2 results suggested the candidate was the first experimental vaccine to significantly decrease respiratory syncytial virus infection rates versus a placebo, albeit by a very slim margin . Although relatively benign for most of us, the virus is a leading cause of hospitalization for infants and older adults in the U.S., and if successful might generate over $6 billion in annual sales. The phase 3 results quickly dashed hopes of a multibillion-dollar blockbuster. A slightly higher percentage of older adults in the vaccine group became infected than in the placebo group, and about $1.9 billion of Novavax’s market capitalization evaporated. There’s a shred of hope an ongoing phase 3 study to test for maternal immunization of infants might allow investors to recover some losses. you could look hereAnother failure, though, would be catastrophic. A lack of middle to late clinical-stage candidates means it would take years of large expensive trials to approach the finish line again. Cory Renauer has no position in any stocks mentioned.

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Her vision, her experience, and her skill set align perfectly with the plans we have for moving this district forward in the coming years to provide excellent education to all students. At Smith Middle School, Barrett also praised Baldwins work in helping provide affordable teacher housing in Asheville, as we have such a clear need for it here. In July 2015, Asheville City Schools partnered with Buncombe County Schools and others to provide 24 affordable apartment units for new teachers. In a brief interview after the meeting, said she was eager to hear from the community, teachers, parents and students about what the challenges are. I know that equity is important to the system, she said. Its also important to me. Its my lifes work, really. So I would like to look at structural issues if there are any and hear from the students, specifically, who experience our education every single day. vision, her experience, and her skillset align perfectly with the plans we have for moving this district forward. James Barrett, school board chairman From her experience working on equity challenges which Barrett praised during his introduction Baldwin said success depends a lot on structuring. If you look at scheduling, if you look at grading, opportunities for access to higher-level courses, there are a number of issues, she said. And theyre all different depending on what school youre working with, and what district youre working with.

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